Rotational molding

 There are many reasons which make rotational molding a better option than other plastic manufacturing techniques. When we are to produce plastic products we can do almost anything with rotational molding.

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With more than 15 successful years of experience in rotational molding industry, we have been able to offer vast and diverse products and provide complete range of services considering customer needs.

شرکت دوران فیدار مهام


to recycle and reuse plastic parts or for a better selling of their wastes…

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اکسترودر-شرکت دوران فیدارمهام


if a producer ever needs a multi-layered or colored product, he will have to use an extruder…

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شرکت دوران فیدار مهام


Usually, the main raw material used in rotational molding production lines is Polyethylene. Petrochemical plants offer polyethylene as granules…

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DFM Co. with more than 15 prosperous years of experience in industry and being equipped with latest equipment, has always made the effort to be the most innovative and to find the most time and cost efficient production procedures and has supplied a considerable proportion of needs of both home and foreign markets. We have been able to achieve new and innovational mold making techniques as well as producing a wide range of products. National production, export and employment is our honor.

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DFM Co. has always worked towards customer’s needs in 15 years of experience in manufacturing, production and innovation.

Customer’s satisfaction has always been our most important goal

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Design and manufacture of vertical and horizontal

In the plastic molding industry, in addition to the need for advanced…

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مخزن سمپاش 1200- شرکت دوران فیدار مهام

Horizontal and vertical water tank molds

For the production of tanks and plastic parts by rotational molding..

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Warpageit in rotational molding


Rotational molding is among the easiest plastic manufacturing techniques. This does not …

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