Injection molding

Injection of specific materials into a mold cavity to form a shape is a method of product manufacturing. Materials like metals, glass, elastomers, and thermoset and thermoplastic polymers are the most common ones used in the process. They will be first heated and the molten material is then injected into a mold. There they will cool down, harden and take the particular shape of mold cavity. To manufacture an injection mold, the product has to be modelled first and then milled with a CNC machine. Aluminum and steel are mostly used for manufacturing a mold. Injection molding is suitable for high volume production.
Injection molding has a wide variety of applications. From the Smallest parts in a car to the whole car’s body can all be manufactured with injection molding. There are, however, a couple of design considerations that the engineers most have in mind before manufacturing a mold. Which materials, depending on their properties, are suitable for specific parts is also another thing one needs to consider.

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