Steel injection molding gearboxes

Injection molding of gearbox steel One of the production methods is to make parts by materials that can be injected into the cavity of a mold. The main materials that can be injected include metals, glass, elastomers and most hard and soft heat polymers common in the market. These materials are first heated in a chamber and combined with each other, then pressurized into the mold cavity. There they cool, harden and take on the geometric shape of the mold cavity. The method is that first the product is designed by an industrial designer or engineer and then the related molds are made by the mold maker. The molds are made of metal and are usually made of steel or aluminum, which is carefully machined to form the desired part.

Injection molding is widely used in the manufacture of various parts. From the smallest part of the car to the whole body of the car. Parts produced by injection molding must be carefully designed to simplify the molding process. The materials to be used must be examined and calculated in terms of the appearance and properties of the manufactured part.

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