Mills are also widely used in the rotational molding and tank production industry and can be considered an integral part of this industry. Typically, the raw material required for tank production lines is polyethylene. Petrochemicals offer polyethylene in the form of granules. If we need polyethylene powder for production. The mill is responsible for converting grain into powder.
At Maham Feeder Company, we always guarantee the quality of products, especially powder mill mills, by using experienced and experienced specialists.

آسیاب-شرکت دوران فیدارمهام

The need for people to grind has always existed from several thousand years ago until today. During the Renaissance, people used water mills and hand mills to grind coal. After a while, engineers also designed and produced the first milling machines due to the increasing need for coal (due to the increasing general use for heating homes, steam engines, etc.). Agricultural mills were invented in the 19th century. Not only are mill applications not limited to these few fields, but they are now used in many different fields and industries.
For example, in the plastics industry, powder mills can be used to recycle and reuse products to reduce production costs, increase productivity, and reduce environmental damage. Products such as polyethylene tanks, PVC pipes, old or defective products, customer return products, production additives and waste, and many more can be pulverized and returned to the production process. These mills can be used to pulverize materials and products made of PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS and PET.

Table of technical specifications of powder mills

شرکت دوران فیدار مهام
شرکت دوران فیدار مهام

How the mills work

آسیاب- شرکت دوران فیدار مهام

The granule or material enters the mill by a vibrating plate and its amount is automatically controlled according to the motor amp and the temperature of the material.

The material then passes through two disks (one of the disks is fixed and the other is tangent to it and is spinning at high speed) and is removed from the system in the form of powder by centrifugal force and a blower.

The temperature of the material is controlled during the process and if the temperature exceeds the set value, the cooling system automatically lowers the temperature.

In the chain of machines, mills are of special importance. Mill production requires special expertise and experience. The quality of the mill components determines the efficiency of the reservoir production line.

آسیاب- شرکت دوران فیدار مهام

The Zarma design single stone powder mill is made in Germany by Doran Fidar Maham Company in three sizes: 300 (capacity 100 to 200 kg per hour), size 500 (capacity 150 to 300 kg per hour) and size 800 (capacity 400 to 800 kg per hour).

The mills are equipped with anti-wear and high alloy steel blades with high speed and special bearings for powder operation in rubber, plastic, chemical, food and recycling industries. The blades are in two types of segment and one piece in size. Available in 30 cm, 50 cm and 800 cm.

The mills are equipped with a temperature monitoring system if the customer chooses (optional), and if the temperature rises, water spraying and cooling will be activated automatically. Adjusting the distance between two fixed and moving stones is very simple and practical. Equipped with adjustable vibrating granule feeding system and if ordered by the customer (optional), it is possible to install a magnet magnet system.