Production line of polyethylene products by rotational method

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Production line of polyethylene products by rotational method

The production line of rotary polyethylene products includes furnaces, wagons, molds, mills, extruders and crushers. The raw material of polyethylene products (usually in the form of granules) is granule, which must be pulverized by a mill, then the produced powder is poured into molds with a specific weight. The mold or molds are pre-installed on the wagon and sent to the baking oven to be melted and baked with a centrifugal force, which is done by 360-degree rotation of the wagon arm in both vertical and horizontal directions at the same time.

The molds are then cooled by the wagon out of the kiln in the refrigeration area with the relevant fans. After the molds have cooled, the product is emptied from the molds, scaled and ready to be delivered to the consumer.

Wagons are equipped with arms with 360 degree movement in two vertical and horizontal directions, one is straight, straight, and the other is cradle L or C or U. L or C or U is selected for the installation of larger molds or molds with asymmetric dimensions. Also, for special molds, special arms can be designed and produced as the production quality of the part increases and the production circulation increases.

Shuttle equipment can be produced with up to 4 arms. In this model, both the wagons are movable and the furnace will be movable along each pair of wagons. This method increases production speed and productivity.

Technical specifications of DFM6000 shuttle tank production line

Capable of producing vertical tank up to 6000 liters or horizontal tank 5000 liters on U arm

With the ability to install the mold and simultaneously produce 4 vertical or horizontal 1000 liters

Internal dimensions of the furnace: diameter 4100 mm and depth 4000 mm

Dimensions of the production line: length 19500 mm – width 9600 mm – height 6000 mm

Number of wagons: 2 wagons – one straight wagon and one U rocking wagon

Dimensions of straight arm rotation: 3100 by 3700 mm

Maximum weight of straight arm bearing: 2000 kg

Dimensions of offset rocking arm rotation: 1700 by 3650 mm

Maximum weight of rocking arm bearing: 1400 kg

Power: Three phase

The body of the double-walled furnace is made of 2 mm thick iron sheet with compressed and high-density insulation of 10 cm thick rock wool. Watt Motogen with thermal resistance up to 270 ° C Equipped with a PLC electrical control panel with touch control panel (optional) in addition to a power panel with two doors on both sides of the furnace with the ability to open and close equipped with 0.75 kW gearbox motor and arm chains Each is equipped with two 5.5 kW Motogen gearbox motors, one of which is equipped with a magnetic brake. Movement of wagons by 2 kW gearbox motor made by Motogen Tabriz, each arm has 2 series of industrial PLC PLC for independent speed control.

The arm structure is made of incongruity and heavy industrial cans and high quality raw materials. The arms are equipped with a gearbox with gears that have undergone hard plating operations and are made of high quality and heat-resistant raw materials. Each arm is equipped with a special alloy industrial meat pipe mounted on three bearings and bearings made by SKF Sweden.


Cooling of the molds after baking on both sides of the oven by two fans with a diameter of 70 cm with a one-horse motor with the ability to simultaneously spray high-pressure water. A total of 4 fans with water spray system connected to the electrical control panel

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