Polyethylene water tank and its advantages

مخزن آب پلی اتیلنی و مزایا آن-شرکت دوران فیدار مهام

Polyethylene water tank

For people who live far from a continuous source of water, water storage is a must. Water is a vital substance and we all need it to survive. This is where the importance of water tanks and their role come into play! Water storage tanks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes on the market. They can be vertical, horizontal, underground and for drinking water storage; On the other hand, they can be made of plastic, steel, fiberglass or concrete. In this article, we will explain the polyethylene water tank:

Polyethylene water tanks are large containers used to store water. For an urban dweller, water is accessible through pipes; But if you live far from the city, you will not have such facilities and you should think about providing water to quench your thirst; Of course, water is not only used for drinking, and we also use it for purposes such as the following:

  • Irrigation and agricultural use: If you live in a rainy area with good weather, you do not need to worry about irrigating your garden. But the garden needs irrigation in most areas; Because it rains very little.
  • Home and industrial use: We use water for our daily activities such as washing our clothes, toilet siphon, washing machine, etc. This vital substance will also be used in various industries.
    مخزن آب پلی اتیلنی و مزایا آن-شرکت دورانفیدار مهام

What is polyethylene?

Polyethylene is a hard and durable plastic; Which is produced from ethylene monomer. To make polyethylene, the ethylene monomer is polymerized to form polyethylene; Ethylene molecules react chemically to form polymers. Polyethylene is widely known and is used in many household applications, including toys and plastic bags.

Polyethylene and plastic water tank

Increasingly popular polyethylene water tanks are generally made of UV-modified polyethylene. This means that they are long-lasting, structurally strong and suitable for drinking water reservoirs. Polyethylene is a proven and real plastic that does not decompose in the sun for at least 25 years. That is why most polyethylene water tanks have a 25-year warranty.

مخزن آب پلی اتیلنی و مزایا آن-شرکت دورانفیدار مهام

The shape and size of the polyethylene water tank varies depending on the product manufacturer. Polyethylene water tanks, available in a wide range of colors, are relatively light; This makes them easier to install and transport.

Advantages of polyethylene water tank

Cost, color, water quality, weight and ease of installation are all key points for a polyethylene water tank. The plastic tank is relatively inexpensive, has a wide range of colors, is designed to maintain the quality of drinking water, and is light and easy to install. Some models have also been strengthened for underground installations, making them a versatile option suitable for a wide range of locations and situations.

Tips on installing a polyethylene water tank

  • Do not put pressure on the polyethylene tank: Never place a heavy object on the polyethylene tank or go on the tank; This will damage this type of tank. Polyethylene can not withstand pressure.
  • Polyethylene water tank is not suitable for carrying water: If you are looking for a tank and a tank through which you can transport water; It is better not to rely on the polyethylene of the tanks. The reason is obvious, due to the high turbulence of water and tank fluid, it damages the wall of the polyethylene tank while the car is moving. There is a special type of polyethylene tanks that can be used to transport water by van, Nissan or East, which you can provide.


Analysis and optimization of tanks

Analysis of manufactured or pre-manufactured parts to eliminate possible defects

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